2010 Election: Missouri Prop B

I have to admit, I don’t know much about Proposition B that will be on Missouri’s ballot next week.  I did a bit of research and really did not find too much. Most of the reports were wildly biased in favor of the proposition and that struck some warning bells.  So much of the comments appear to have an odour of PETA about ’em.

Fox 4 News, here in KC seemed to have the most balanced report. As I was writing this there was a pro-Prop B ad on the radio.  Towards the end, they listed all those who were in favor—a list of liberals and liberal organizations like the USHS. 

That’s enough for me.  If the libs, PETA, USHS and eco-wachos are for it, I’m agin it.

5 thoughts on “2010 Election: Missouri Prop B

  1. Crucis, I have a bit clearer picture of it being from a part of the state that is heavy in livestock operations. It boils down to the government (read: liberals) wanting to put higher standards on operators of dog breeding facilities than they do on any other livestock operation (for now). But the restrictions they want to put on them are more useless and costly than effective, basically just more .gov redtape. That and they get to fine anyone that violates it is the main reason. Yet to violate any of the regs would mean a loss to the business anyway because they rely on healthy animals to produce healthy offspring, animal husbandry 101. Simple stuff unless you're a liberal and just want somemore people under your thumb that you can squeeze money out of when the mood strikes. You can also bet if they get it, it won't be long till they try to do the same to cattle, hog, horse and any other livestock operation that they want and as we already know the regulations will get tighter as time goes by.

  2. It's a big NO for me. It has been pushed through by animal rights folks and it is worthless. We already have good rules, what they fail to mention is that many of the puppy mills are flying under the radar and this wont do anything to change that issue. What we need are more dollars to hire more inspectors to enforce the laws that already exist Most of the veterinarians i know are opposed (i work at the vet school) and associations like the AVMA, pork producers etc are opposed. I think it is a back door approach to getting their grips on livestock producers as well.

  3. I hae been researching this issue to decide. What I have found is SCARY. The biggest supporter of this Prop is HSUS. I have been researching them as well, and have found they want to include household pets on the next census. They want to give all animals the same rights as humans, and they want to create a new department in federal government that will oversee all this. They are NOT connected to your local SPCA. They have just "borrowed" a part of the name and ran with it.

    After all the research I have done it is a HUGE "NO WAY IN HECK" for me!!!!!!

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