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I work at a not-for-profit which translates, to me, an establishment that operates with ‘other peoples’ money’. Folks with good incomes from free enterprise choose to give it to us so that we might fulfill our mission. That money is invested (in the free market) and the income from those investments pays for the upkeep of the place, our salaries, and improvements. There have been many improvements over the last decade that have cost several hundred millions of dollars. All this money came from some of those dreaded ‘fat cats’ that are derided by the political class, including our president, and even those who work there.

There is a department which has a mission to encourage these fat cats to show support by donations, endowments, memberships, etc.. They work very hard at this and are very, very good at it. A few years ago, when the stock market went seriously south, some employees had to be let go, but some of the long-time supporters stepped up and provided a back-stop to keep things from getting worse. Now everything seems to be on an even keel.

The fact remains that our salaries are underwritten by the money provided by these ‘rich’ folks. The things we are able to do for ‘improvements’ are paid for by the ‘rich’. What would happen to us and our jobs and our mission if the ‘rich’ weren’t there? The only government (tax funded) money comes via some grants occasionally. What happens when there are no more ‘rich’ people who appreciate our mission? What happens when taxes take more and more of the money the ‘rich’ have….say, through estate taxes? What happens when there are no more ‘rich’ people?

So….how come so many of those who have the privilege of working at this establishment still have Obama stickers on their cars? Do they not understand that they support a political theory that would like to ‘take’ the money away from our ‘friends’? I must admit, however, that the Obama stickers are better than the oftentimes rude and crude stickers that were deriding the previous president. (I still see some of those in the parking lot, even now, after they ‘won’).

Yesterday I parked next to the car of an employee who, in an earlier time, ran a business–had to meet payroll, buy stock, pay taxes, satisfy customers, etc. And there it was, the lingering Obama/Biden sticker. It just doesn’t make sense to me and it never will.

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In a small effort to have my say, I have for years sported a RKBA sticker in my window, not too far from my parking sticker. Probably there is no one there who knows it is a sticker supporting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. They would be shocked, shocked! If they got close enough to my car they would notice the November is Coming sticker from Americans for Prosperity, that shadowy, dangerous and unpatriotic group that Obama rails about. Now I’m contemplating another sticker, just arrived in the mail. Along with the stickers in the parking garage that I see sporting the Obama stickers are the ones suggesting that we Coexist–with each of the letters in the word fashioned from a symbol representing many of the world religions. I can’t explain exactly why, but that sticker has always irritated me. The antidote has arrived…..some enterprising fellow cranked up his Photoshop software and came up with this:

Sadly, the humor and inventiveness will be overlooked. No one will recognize the ‘letters’ on the sticker and from whence they came. But I will know and I’ll feel just a tiny bit of delicious revenge…..even though that’s not a grown-up thing to do. I am ashamed, but I’ll get over it.

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  1. I don't recall now where I first saw it–perhaps an Oklahoma gun blog (?!) was referenced elsewhere. There was a discussion of whether or not it could be made/sold because of copyright issues. Then I saw that someone was selling them. It was a gun dealer….and I sent them some money and they sent me 5 stickers. I threw the envelope away, figuring that it would be easy to find more. All I can find on line right now is via eBay Automotive and it's B/W. I will keep looking, however, and will post if I can find a good link. The image I posted is from that OK site, but I can't see that anyone is in production. Do you suppose I'll get nabbed by the Copyright Police when I apply it to my car? I'll report back.

  2. OK! Had to go back a loooong time in my emails to find the confirmation from PayPal of the payment for these bumper stickers. It pays to never clean out your in-box!

    So, here's where I bought them: StonerArms@comcast.net

    Hope y'all are able to get some and get 'em plastered on your cars/trucks! I don't want to be the only idjit in federal court for copyright infringement.

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