As you can see by the timestamp of this post, it’s a bit later than usual. I normally start research for my daily blog at 9am, start writing around 10am and hit the ‘publish’ button around 11-11:30am.

That didn’t happen today. I overslept.

Like many who are older, I have sleeping problems. Primarily, my knee starts hurting and will wake me up. I shift position and usually can drift off again. My usual mode of sleep is in 30 to 90 minutes increments.

Occasionally, like last night, I have difficulty just getting to sleep. That, by itself, is not a problem because once I do get to sleep, I’m good for the rest of the night.

Last night both conditions arose. I couldn’t get to sleep and when I did, the weather front and all night rain combined to keep me awake.

Well, I didn’t have much to write about today with its repetitive news cycle. CNN continues to lie about the events in Ferguson and New York and the great liberal unwashed are lapping it up.

Like Ferguson, when the coroner’s report was released on Garner, the cause of death was completely different from the version reported by the MSM. It indicated that he wasn’t choked, contrary to the reports of CNN and the MSM who continues to spew the lie that he was. Why? Perhaps to ferment discord…and ratings. Perhaps, if we had a real justice system, the producers of the MSM news programs would be charged with inciting riots and civil unrest.

Won’t happen, I know.

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