In the doghouse

Well, I expect I’m on the outs with some friends. We’ll all get over it in a week or so but it was an issue of conscience. Organizations, like society as a whole, evolve. That evolution applies to organizations, too.

One of those changes appeared at a meeting last night. The leadership acted, “as we’ve always done,” unilaterally, on a project. That did not go well with many, perhaps most of the attendees. The organization has many new members. Business practices, as it has been, will no longer suffice. No one objected to the goal. What I and others did object to was the methods chosen to reach that goal—methods that did not include any input from the membership.

I made my opinions known. Some other members and some of those in the leadership, didn’t appreciate my views. But, as I said above, we’ll get over it and move on. But a notice has been given. The world has evolved. Organizations will too.