UPDATE: Some Random thoughts—it’s a slow day.

UPDATE: Add to the story below about the DSCC pulling out of Missouri and support for Robin Carnahan is the news that appeared Saturday that the DCCC is pulling their support for Stephanie Moore, the wife of departing democrat Dennis Moore who is running for the Kansas 3rd House District across the state line from Kansas City.

Dennis Moore was famous in the area for refusing to meet with the public last year. He decided not to run again bit instead he was relying on the subterfuge of feeding his wife to the wolves hiding behind running her for his seat and being the “power behind the throne” to maintain his Ruling Class membership in Washington.

Well, that plan’s not working too well. Heh, heh!


We have two cats, Snowflake—pure black, and Amber a tiger-stripped reddish-brown tabby. Both are shedding at an unbelievable pace. I awoke this morning, wandered down the hall and discovered the hallway was littered with BIG TUFTS OF FUR! Black and brown fur.

I swear there is enough to make two more cats.

It is a sure sign of a long cold winter—again. Last I checked, the sunspot cycle was still zip! That means less solar output and less heating of ol’ Terra-firma.

Sorry Algore. Global Warming, or Climate Change as you now call it, is still a fraud.


If you didn’t listen to Rush last week, you missed the big announcement for Missouri. The DNCC (Democrat National Congressional Committee) has thrown in the towel for Robin Carnahan. They’re pulling their money out of the state and spending it elsewhere where they think it might do some goodRoy Blunt is pulling about 8 points over Carnahan. I hear her brother Russ (where SEIU beat a black Tea Party supporter last year at one of Russ Carnahan’s “town halls”) isn’t doing too well either.

All either Carnahan does is push negative ads against their opponents. It’s not working. The more Robin Carnahan broadcasts her “Roy Blunt is the most corrupt politician in Washington”, the more points Blunt gains against her. She even tried to tar Blunt as supporting Obamacare and Cap ‘n Tax. Her brother Russ voted for every item of Pelosi’s agenda. Every time Robin Carnahan makes that claim against Blunt, she’s sticking a knife in her brother’s back at the same time.
This trend is happening across the country. Harry Reid tried to smear Sharon Angle and now Angle is leading Reid by a significant number of points. Ditto in West Virginia where some dirty tricks rebounded against Mancin.
The dems have been famous for their dirty tricks, false ads, smearing and personal attacks and superb in their planning and implementation of those tricks and various forms of election fraud for decades. It’s not working this year.

Ain’t it wonderful?

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  1. My birthday was Friday, and considering how many of my birthdays have been spent bloody boiling, the mild weather now has me thinking we are in for a doozie of a winter. I'm stocking up on beanie weenies, personally.

    wv: ouster.

    Let's hope that's a harbinger of next month's elections.

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