A new push for Obamacare in Missouri

The new push is medicaid expansion, a part of Obamacare. Missouri has been successful pushing back on this part of Obamacare but that hasn’t deterred the big-city progressives. Their newest tactic is to hire a former ‘Pub state senator, Charlie Shields, to be their front-man in their continued search for more money.

In Kansas City, the issue is the failing Truman medical system, two publicly funded hospitals with a track record of failure. Jackson County hopes their new man will succeed when their democrat puppet didn’t.

Hospital CEO Contends With Medicaid Conundrum

Former Lawmaker Needs to Prod Legislature Into Expanding Federal-State Health Plan or Face Losses

By Anna Wilde Mathews,

1 thought on “A new push for Obamacare in Missouri

  1. Everyone has to keep in mind that any increase in any government spending program, in any way, shape or form, adds to the $17.929 TRILLION debt. This number was below $17.9 just a few weeks ago, meaning it has increased that much in a short period of time. This debt is growing, at last count, $1 Million every 3 minutes and eleven seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you overspend to the point of no return and default, you can file for bankruptcy. When your government defaults, they devalue their currency. Your money only buys half the groceries it used to buy. Your gasoline price can double overnight. Your job may simply disappear. Remember what happened in Greece recently. America is on the same fast track and the bridge is out. Read about the Cloward-Piven strategy.

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