Looking towards the future

We’re less than a month away from the nation-wide mid-term elections. All of the House is up for re-election and 1/3rd of the Senate. Expectations and polls favor Conservatives—not Democrats, not Republicans, but Conservatives. It’s a wave of “throw the b*st*rds out!” It originated in the lowest level of the political world and rose up to the Federal level.

There will be changes some January, 2011.

What happens after that? I don’t know. I know there is expectations of managing Obamacare to lessen the damage it is causing (note present tense) if there aren’t enough votes to repeal and overturn Obama’s veto. I expect there will be efforts to rein in the bureaucracy and the malfeasance of the liberal regulators. I expect there will be tax cuts or at least an extension of the existing Bush tax cuts.

It will be a battle.

What beyond this?

Unless Obama resigns, our foreign relations will continue to muddle along getting worse. Our military is declining. The Navy is the smallest since 1916…

The size of the fleet is much smaller. We are the smallest fleet that we have been since 1916, and our responsibilities and our interests are much greater than they were in 1916. The industrial base of the nation, something that I consider to be a strategic asset for a country is very different than it was in the last downturn. The last time we saw the budgets decline, there were six major shipbuilding corporations in the United States. Today, there are two. Our nuclear fleet – in the past would depend on eight major corporations, today there are two. The overhead costs that we experience are a result of a decrease in fleet size and not the commensurate decrease with all the infrastructure that we in the Navy posses. And the cost of operating the Navy, globally, is becoming more expensive.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Gary Roughead Delivers remarks at the Navy League of Denver August 24, 2010

…according to some sources and the Air Force is aging despite upgrades and becoming obsolete compared to what is coming from the EU and Russia. Both are about to produce stealthy aircraft. It will no longer be an American-only technology.

On a security front, I’m becoming to believe we’re more in danger from our southern border than we are overseas. There have been incursions into the US, most recently at Falcon Lake on the US/Mexican border, by drug cartel soldiers and even some in the uniform of the Mexican Army. One incident not long ago had Mexican “uniformed” soldiers firing on Border Patrol agents along the Arizona border. Small arms fire has been aimed toward El Paso from Juarez. There has even been reports of cartel enforcers taking control of ranches on the US side of the border during inter-cartel battles that spilled over from Mexico to the US.

All the while, the Obama government and democrat controlled congress does nothing.

This situation will continue unless the states and their National Guard units take active action. Action that I think will be short lived because Obama and the democrat bureaucracy will block and success.

At some point, the nation will have to act. Stiffening the border, removing the open sieve that it now is, will help. But it will not provide the security needed as long as the cartels control Mexico.

Let’s face it. The Mexican federal government is losing the battle against the cartels. Their Army is useless and has been heavily infiltrated by the cartels. That is why the government side of the battle along the border is being waged by the Mexican Marines! The Army cannot be trusted.

I fear that another war with Mexico is coming. Not so much a war against the government of Mexico, unless there is a total surrender to the cartels, but a war by the US against the cartels and their forces. I believe it will be more than an excursion like that of Pershing in 1914, but, hopefully less than the War with Mexico in 1846 through 1848.

Some have advocated a 200-mile buffer zone from the US border south. A zone that would still be Mexican sovereign territory but under US martial law and enforced by the US military. In many ways, it would be Iraq again after the invasion. That’s the bad part. The good part is that we now know how to handle situations where local elements are active against us and against the local governments. The tactics of the Iraqi Surge will work in Mexico as it did in Iraq.

Regardless, I don’t believe the next few years, nor the next few decades will be a peaceful one. The damage done by the liberals and leftists in our government has been heavy and it will take a long while to overcome—if we have the will.

I pray that we do.

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  1. "There will be changes some January, 2011. What happens after that?"

    What will happen AFTER November and before January 11? The lame duck punitive destruction could be severe.

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