It’s Election Day

I debated whether to post today. I’m having problems with my home computer system. I had to replace a router and, as every tech knows, when you fix a problem, something else breaks. In this case, a lot broke. I’m mostly back up and on-line but there are still a number of problems to resolve…like why our networked printer can no longer be seen.

But today is Election Day. There is an undercurrent of optimism in the GOP across the country. All you need to do to see that optimism is to scan the Drudge headlines this morning.


Drudge Report Morning Headlines, November 4, 2014

Some of these headlines are extremely optimistic. These for example.

WASH POST: 97% CHANCE... CNN 95%, NYT: 70%

The MSM are predicting a GOP takeover of the Senate. Some claim the GOP will gain eight seats. Most think the number will be seven new ‘Pubs in the Senate and all agree of a gain of at least six GOP seats. And this is from the liberal press.

But there is a down-side, too, in these headlines. Indications that massive democrat vote fraud, not including the jimmied voting machines in Chicago and Maryland that switches votes for ‘Pubs to dems, has already begun.

CT Vote Mess: No Monitors, Missing Registration Books, Broken Machines...
Thieves Steal Digital Voter Info Books From DC Polling Site...

I read a report earlier today that the Missouri Secretary of State has predicted only a 40% turnout. Many had hoped to get at least half, 50%, of the voters out today. However, from my recent experience, all too many voters just could not care less. If their lives aren’t drastically impacted, they won’t bother to vote. Perhaps it’s cynicism.

Many claim there is no difference between the two major parties. To a certain extent, that is true. When politicians reach Washington, they are absorbed into the Ruling Class, or become ostraicized by the party elits. Some, like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have successfully rebelled. Others like Paul Ryan and our own Vicky Hartzler, relent and become another rubber stamp within the herd.

But with that said, there are distinct and real differences between the two parties and if a return to our origins does not occur, we’re headed to a second civil war or complete tyranny. Some say that tyranny is already here.

We have a civic duty to vote. If you don’t know where your polling place is, follow this link, enter your address, and it will tell your where you can vote.