Sadie is for the family

This week seems to be a desert for topical news items. I’ve been hitting the RINOs in Kansas hard the last week or so and I’ve exhausted the topic. The Missouri races are quiet. Tom Sweich is, as best I remember, the only state-wide race of any consequence.

The old political season isn’t over for another month and the new one won’t start until January. The dems are turning on Obama seeking to distance themselves for 2016 and the only other national news concerns Ebola. The first patient with Ebola found in the US has just died.

Then I came across this little video. My wife and I are Robertson fans…even Uncle Si. The Duck Dynasty show is the only one on national TV that portrays a real family in real circumstances and every show ends with a family dinner and prayer. The libs hate it.

One of the Robertsons who has gained a portion of fame outside the show is Sadie Robertson, daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson. She appeared on Dancing with the Stars and here is the video of that event.