Awww. Sniff, sniff—NOT!

It seems that William Ayers, Obama’s butt-boy and political mentor, won’t be getting Emeritus status from the University of Illinois.  Ayers joined the University of Illinois-Chicago faculty in 1987 and retired last month.  The Emeritus status is largely honorary and has a few privileges such as library access.  

But Ayers forgot one thing—who sits on the committee that grants Emeritus status.

In a very unusual move, University of Illinois trustees Thursday denied giving emeritus status to controversial retired professor William Ayers.

The vote, at a U. of I. board meeting in Urbana, was unanimous and came after a passionate speech by board chair Christopher Kennedy, who invoked the 1968 assassination of his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, in saying that he was voting his conscience.

The other trustees, without comment, also voted against the appointment.

It seems that Ayers wrote a book praising Sirhan Sirhan calling him a “political prisoner.”  Ayers may have forgotten the connection but Christopher Kennedy didn’t.

But in an emotional statement, Kennedy discussed his reasons for voting against Ayers’ request.

“I am guided by my conscience and one which has been formed by a series of experiences, many of which have been shared with the people of our country and mark each of us in a profound way,” Kennedy said.

He said he could not confer the title “to a man whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my father.”

Kennedy was referring to a 1974 book co-authored by Ayers, “Prairie Fire,” which was dedicated to a long list of people including Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan and “all political prisoners in the U.S.”

Too bad, Ayers.  It couldn’t happen to a better person.

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