There was a thunderstorm through here Wednesday evening with two very close lightning strikes.  We lost our phone and internet until this morning.  Once we were back online, I discovered my main server took a hit as well.

It’ll give me something to occupy my time over the weekend as I rebuild it.
The recent primaries in Delaware shook the republican elites.  They thought they could shove a long-time RINO down out throats over a conservative candidate backed by the Tea Parties.  They discovered the power of the Tea Party.  After we had our internet restored this morning, I came across this cartoon that demonstrates our Tea Party victory.

3 thoughts on “Surprises

  1. I almost wish I could say I had storm problems….but my absence (shiftlessness) comes entirely from work and preps for my father's 90th birthday. And, to top it off, I've been almost too peeved to say anything worthwhile. Figgered I'd digest all the political goings-on and then I might have something decent to say! Glad your system is rolling again! It's turrible to be without the interweb!

  2. My wife was more anxious to get it running than me. She sorely missed her e-mail. Internet access was up Friday morning, but I didn't get mail running until later that afternoon. I only lost a NIC card and had a spare on-hand.

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