Palin Endorses Jacob Turk for Congress against Cleaver (MO-5)

Sarah Palin was in Kansas City last night to speak at a local fund-raiser.  Jacob Turk hadn’t the opportunity to speak with Palin but passed his card to her via an intermediary. Turk has been running against democrat Emmanuel Cleaver since 2006 and gaining ground with each election

In her keynote speech, Gov. Palin mostly avoided talk of politics:

But there was one exception: She acknowledged Jacob Turk, the GOP nominee for the 5th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat Emanuel Cleaver.

Palin said Turk had given her a business card that said elected officials must “listen to all, lead with integrity … and champion opportunity. That’s leadership, not politics.”

“I love that motto,” Palin said. She talked briefly about the growing influence of the tea party movement across the country and complained that the mainstream media were seeking to undermine the movement’s momentum.

Turk’s conservative political stance is printed on the back of his business cards. Turk has also been endorsed by local Tea Party organizations such as Political Chips.

3 thoughts on “Palin Endorses Jacob Turk for Congress against Cleaver (MO-5)

  1. I missed this bit of excellent news! I am happily surprised at the number of Turk yard signs I see in the south-of-the-Plaza neighborhood I pass thru daily. I plan on rattling some chains in my town for Turk. The list of egregious activities by Cleaver pales, in my mind, against the glowing remarks he made about Castro Bros. and Cuba when he went on that junket with the CBC. Just shameful!

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