Throw Them Out!

In a similar vein to Crucis’ post is my favorite PJTV guy, Bill Whittle, revving up my engines for a major change come November. (He is really on a roll, too!) Just think of how many of our ‘leaders’ have never, ever, had a real job. Think they can solve the problems with the economy, jobs, debt? Nope. They all need to go….no matter what.

1 thought on “Throw Them Out!

  1. A news bit I heard this morning…

    In the current Congress, only 8% of Congressmen have ever run a business. This low is compared with the 54% of businessmen who were in Congress during the Reagan years.

    It's not surprising when all these "political science", "law" degreed parasites holding office in Washington have no idea how to run the country and make it prosper. All they know is the Marxist crap taught now in our "higher" institutions of learning based on theories that have NEVER worked in the real world.

    I'm beginning to believe that we need a job description for public offices especially at the federal level with a list of prerequisites that includes working in the private sector with budget management/profit management responsibilities.

    Yes, I have been off my narco-tabs for a week and I'm not fantasizing too much.

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