Kansas Redux

Today’s post will be a bit short. I’ve been up most of the night; my knee made sleep difficult. I kept telling it to settle down and quit hurting but it didn’t pay attention. ** Yawn! **

Pat Roberts and his senatorial campaign is back in the news and that news isn’t good. A new poll has been released. In a three-way race between Pat Roberts, Chad Taylor, and Greg Orman, Orman came out on top by one percentage point.

The poll, conducted by SurveyUSA for KSN-TV, showed that if the election were held now with Taylor’s name still on the ballot, Orman would receive 37 percent of the vote, Roberts 36 percent, Taylor 10 percent and a libertarian candidate six percent. — The Daily Caller.

Less than a month ago, that poll was much different. Pat Roberts lead with 37 percent of the vote. Taylor received 32 percent with Orman at the bottom with a measly 20 percent of the overall votes. Roberts remained about the same in both polls but voters fled from Taylor to Orman. One would think, then, that many of Orman’s current supporters are dems and dem-wannabe RINOs.

Roberts’ attacks against Milton Wolf in the Kansas Primary, soured many conservative ‘Pubs. A significant portion of them have indicated they will sit out of the Kansas Senatorial race. The more moderate ‘Pubs are now split between Orman and Roberts. According to the poll above, Orman is winning.

Or is it? Independent candidate Greg Orman is being sued in Federal court for failure to pay royalties.

Boxing firm sued Kansas Senate hopeful Orman