The end of an era

[tam_revolver.sized.jpg]One of the more famous—and visited, blog sites on the internet, Tam Keel’s View from the Porch, is no more. I would have provided a link, but the site is gone. Tam was a victim of constant personal attacks, a stalker, who continued his attacks in spite of a restraining order. Fortunately, he was wise enough to not attack her face-to-face.

But in the end, she decided enough was enough. We, all her readers, will miss her.


I’ve been writing this blog since 2008. Some ‘net commentators say the era of blogging is over, killed by Facebook and Twitter. They support their claim by the decreasing number of blogs, like Tam Keel’s, that disappear every month. I do know that it is getting more difficult writing a new post five days a week. It seems that we, as a nation, learn nothing and just continue repeating the same old failed policies, making the same old mistakes, repeating the same old lies and continuing to ignore the voting public.

Unlike Tam, I’ve never had a large number of readers. I do not write my blog for them but for myself, an avenue to allow me to vent my frustrations with government at all levels, particularly at the state and federal governments. I would like to think I’ve made some small contributions for change at the local and county level, but I’m one person at a time when most of the citizenry just can’t be bothered to spend any time with politics.

They all give excuses, the same old hackneyed ones but in the end, they show their true colors, political parasites who will complain when their personal ox gets gored but won’t take the time nor effort to prevent that goring.

I can understand Tam’s frustrations. I feel them too. I don’t have the same irritants as she but it is sooo tempting to just say, “to hell with it all,” and shutdown.

But not today.

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  1. I, for one, appreciate your commentaries. They make me think and analyze things for myself. Keep up the good work. Those who benefit don’t always take the time to say “thanks”. I do so now.

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