More and more, it seems that nothing in my morning flood of news items strikes my fancy. The national division between conservatives and establishment hacks continue within the RNC. The dems continue to push for expanded welfare and open borders dividing the country between those who produce and those who are parasites, to what end?

I sat next to a group a local dems earlier this week at lunch. All were in the 50s and 60s, all decried the flood of illegals streaming over out borders and Obama doing nothing to control the flood. If I hadn’t known for a fact they were dems—several have Obama-Biden stickers on their pickups, I’d have thought there were ‘Pubs. But they are not. They will continue to vote for democrats, pushing everyone like themselves, down the chute to hell and then they’ll blame everyone except themselves. The stupidity of such people continues to astound me.

Regardless, I’ve not found a topic for today. I’m taking the day off. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a better attitude and I’ll find something more to write about than the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and saying, “I told you so!”