I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. Then I realized I was off a day, it is only Thursday. I’ve been told this is not an unusual situation. Mrs. Crucis admits she has to double check, from time to time to determinbe which day it is.

OK, we’re retired and I admit that on occasion, one day does seem to be much like another. But the condition isn’t solely for the retired. When a day, whether at work or not, seems much like another it is easy to get confused.

When I was still employed, I was a project manager assigned to build a facility in New Zealand using equipment manufactured in the UK. New Zealand was a day ahead of us being on the other side of the International Dateline. London, the location of the equipment manufacturer, was six hours ahead of us. I was caught in the middle.

That project lasted months. Months when I came to work before dawn to be able to talk with the folks in London and stayed well after dark to talk to the engineers and site manager in New Zealand. I had several episodes of heading in to work only to realize, a few hours later, that it was Saturday. Top that off when our Sunday is New Zealand’s Monday.

Time frames without reference can be, and is, difficult to manage. For some reason, today is as well. Perhaps my nightly meetings this week is one contributor. It has been an interesting week observing politics in action at the local and state level.

Be that as it may, I’m out of sync with the world. I’m cutting this post short and plan to just spend some time getting back to normal. Y’all have a good day.