I overslept. Mrs. Crucis and I went to a gathering of folks last night, sort of a dessert party at an acquaintance’s place out in the country. The weather was perfect, cool, light breezes and few, if any, bugs to irritate us. We arrived at 7pm and left just before dark. A nice evening.

https://d1ldy8a769gy68.cloudfront.net/180/978/039/917/123/9/9780399171239.jpgBut…when I got home, a started a new book from one of my favorite writers, W. E. B. Griffin. I finished it at 2am. I read fast; I always have.

When I was in college, I needed some easy credits. One such class was ‘Reading and Comprehension.’ Speeding reading it turned out. During the first day of class, the instructor said the goal of the class was to finish with a 1,000 word-per-minute reading rate and at least 90% retention. We would read passages from books and be tested on the contents and scored on the number of words and accuracy of our retention.

We were all tested on the second class day. The class average was less than 400 wpm. I tested at 1500 wpm with over 90% retention…an automatic A for the class. I still had to attend class, however. It was fun. After the first week I ended up being an assistant for the teacher—my first teaching experience. Wish I had done as well in my ‘Writing and Composition’ class.

I dozed off after finishing the book and woke at 10am. My knee didn’t keep me awake during the night, either. I think I’m now caught up on sleep.

Y’all have a great day.