Can’t brag anymore

For years I’ve bragged that I’ve been able to keep my hide intact—excluding some stitches in my forehead a long time ago. That will end next week.  I visited my doc this morning and I need to have surgery to correct a minor condition before it turns into a big issue.  I have to get it before my health insurance runs out in a few months. He said it is better get it done now when it should be just an easy task.

It’s not a “big” deal.  I’m just getting a hernia fixed. But it will require general anesthesia and maybe an overnight stay in the hospital.  The last time I spent a night in the hospital was when I was born. 

If I find some interesting items to post, I’ll queue them up ahead of time.  Worst case, I’ll just miss a day or two in my posting schedule.

I’ll be back and will continue bashing Obama and libs as before.

6 thoughts on “Can’t brag anymore

  1. I've been told everyone needs a couple of scars from stitches here & there, just to add "character".

    Hope all goes well with your surgery & you're complication-free and mended up in no time!

  2. Well I had my forehead stitched up when I was much younger. That scar has pretty much faded away. Strangely, one on my finger that I got at the same time is still quite prominent. I don't count these two. Neither went very deep. Just enough to need a few stitches.

    Really didn't want any more. 🙁

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