More Liberal Idiocy!

This may not be something new across the country but it’s new in Kansas City area—a drive-way tax!

The “driveway tax” imposes an annual charge to help pay for better roads. The sensible idea is to collect a kind of user fee that’s based on the number of vehicle trips created by homeowners and businesses.

Of course, the Kansas City “Red” Star thinks this is a great idea.

If Mission can prove this concept is fair and works well, other cities may want to attempt it, and the driveway tax might become as common as storm water fees now collected in many local cities.

The KC Red Star hasn’t yet found a tax it didn’t like. If there is a liberal/progressive/marxist concept floating around, the Red Star is in favor of it. Is it any wonder their subscriptions continue to decline.

The real reason this tax is being imposed is that city revenues have declined. Revenue from sales taxes, revenues from property taxes, revenues from all sources are down. When hard times occur American families tighten their belts. When democrat controlled cities have hard times they don’t tighten their belts. No! That would be difficult. They just raise taxes and think the public is stupid enough to accept them.

A local radio show has suggested that Mission, KS residents track down the homes of their council member and that of the mayor and drive in and out of their driveways for a while and see just how much those idiots like their new tax.

The tax isn’t even limited to Mission, KS. It includes the Shawnee Mission North High School. That district extends beyond the Mission city limits. So it will also spread the impact of Mission’s tax beyond the limits of Mission, KS.

Mission has stated that they are $3,000,000 short for the coming years budget. They claim they can shave off $900,000 through manpower and other cuts leaving the city $2.1Million short.

Well I have a suggestion. Why don’t they go to a zero-based budget? I’ll bet that $2.1 million shortfall will disappear and they won’t need an idiotic driveway tax to do it. Bureaucrats scream when they have to justify their budgets. It’s just so much easier to add 10% or 15% or even 20% to last years budget and go with that than justify each line item like businesses do.

A business can’t raise their prices arbitrarily to maintain a fat budget. Raise their price and their competitors will take their income away. Too bad governments aren’t required to run their budgets like a business and justify every expense to the voters. What the voters can do, however, is turn out these thieves and make sure their replacements know their job is to run government on a balanced budget without raising taxes.

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  1. Yes!!

    Like that lady, who back in the early eighties drove her pickup truck down Ward Parkway to protest the "No Trucks" on that particular piece of road. If the mayor and councillors have circular driveways, even better.

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