Some good news for me

Thursday, Mrs Crucis and I had our six month check up at our respective docs. We’re both in good health, but in this day, it’s a rarity for someone to reach our age without being placed on some medication. We both take medication for blood pressure (note: I didn’t say high blood pressure) and to control cholesterol.  A couple of decades ago, my blood pressure would have been considered fine, but twice in a row it was 130/80 a few years ago so now I gobble a small tablet daily to control my blood pressure.  Since that time, it’s been in the region of 115/70.  I have some basic medical knowledge—having taken the same courses in college as those in pre-med.  I’m no medical practitioner but I do understand what those blood pressure numbers indicate.  

My cholesterol on the other hand was high and it is now in a much better range.

The area of concern was, as I posted a few months ago,  blood sugar.  My father developed Type II diabetes when he was in his 70s. My doc has been watchful for symptoms in me.  He thought he’d found it when my A1C kicked up to 6.4 from its previous reading of 6.1 the previous year.  

He was all ready to add a third catagory of medication but I begged off.  We agreed that if I could lower my A1C and lose some weight, we’d forego further medication as long as I could keep the A1C down.

I’m happy to report my A1C has dropped from 6.4 to 6.2 and I’ve lost either 10lbs or 18lbs (depending on whose scales are used.)  

Since April, I’ve started walking several times a week, and cut down on the food intake (which is much more difficult.) It, albeit slowly, appears to be working.          

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