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My wife had an experience yesterday, one neither of us have had for a primary election. She received a call from a St. Louis pollster. We’ve had polling calls prior to general elections, but this was a first—it was targeted towards Cass County GOP primary races. Not ‘Pub vs dem, but ‘Pub vs RINO. I didn’t receive the call, Mrs. Crucis did. She said they asked only about the Presiding Commissioner, Auditor and Associate Circuit Judge races.

Curious, that. Who has the funding to pay for the poll? None of the candidates running, as far as I know, have pockets deep enough, nor backers with pockets deep enough, to pay for the poll…except for the RINOs who are rumored to have some funding from KC unions.

In past elections, we’ve had cross-over votes from the dems attempting to influence GOP primaries. The last northern Commissioner race in 2012 was one such occurance. This time I think the RINOs are scared.


There have been discussions in the last few weeks about impeaching Obama. Even Sarah Palin supported impeachment. The overall opinion was for impeachment until one Congressman revealed why the House is in no rush to do so.

If the House impeached Obama, it would go to Harry Reid’s Senate for trial.  If—IF—the trial actually happened, and if—IF—Obama was convicted, we would have Joe Biden as President! 

That’s why Obama won’t be impeached.


I’m recovering, a bit, from yesterday’s Range Day. I was having withdrawal symptoms and needed a day out sending lead down-range.

The temperature was in the mid-70s. We, my shootin’ buddy and I, had a slight breeze out of the south. The day was perfect, a great day. When I got home, I crashed. It wasn’t so much from fatigue but that I was just ‘stiff’ from standing and walking so much.

So, I’ll take today as a recovery day and I’ll be ready to go again…tomorrow…or next week.

For the rest of you, have a great weekend.

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