Short Post

The high for today is only supposed to be in the mid-80s for the first time in a month or more. The humidity is around 65% which is low for us here near KC. I’m going out for a walk before it gets too hot. More posting later today.

Thanks for dropping by.

2 thoughts on “Short Post

  1. I'm glad it's tolerable somewhere. Hasn't been in the upper 90s here the last few days, but the humidity is still up there and breathing outside is like sticking your head in a hot clothes dryer full of wet towels.

    I'm soooo ready for Fall!

  2. It was really nice outside. Temps were 75 according to the thermometer in the car, humidity was around 65% which is low for us.

    On the down side, I could tell I've only been walking twice in the last three weeks. I'm gonna have sore feet tonight.

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