Vote Yes! on Missouri Amendment #5

There are a number of constitutional amendments on the ballot August 5th. All are worthy except for #7 which is a tax increase to pay for St Louis’ and Kansas City’s road and street maintenance. The cities should be funding that maintenance. I don’t know what St Louis is wasting their money upon. Kansas City announced a day or so ago they will spend 27% of their maintenance funds on…streetcars. Only 17% of the ‘new’ taxpayer funding will be for roads and bridges. With so little funding by the cities, the roads and bridges will continue to deteriorate.

But that is not the Amendment for today’s post. Amendment #5 is. The dems and libs attempted to block the amendment from the ballot by filing a lawsuit. A Cole County Judge turned it down saying the suitwas without merit and, due to the time frame, moot.

This is Amendment #5 as it will appear on the August 5th ballot.

Amendment 5- Right to Keep and Bear Arms
This amendment would reinforce the right of Missouri citizens to keep and bear arms, ammunition and accessories in defense of their family in addition to the current rights to protect a person’s home, property or themselves. The amendment would remove the language that states that the right ot keep and bear arms does not justify the wearing of concealed weapons. The amendment would make these rights inalienable and obligate the state of Missouri to uphold these liberties and under no circumstance decline to protect against their infringement. The amendment does not prevent the legislature from limiting the rights of certain felons and certain individuals adjudicated as having a mental order.

A yes vote will amend the Missouri Constitution to expand the right to keep and bear arms.

A no vote will not amend the Missouri Constitution.

If passed, this measure will have no impact on taxes.

The democrats and libs are making a number of false claims about this amendment.

They claim it will allow open carry across the state. It will not. SB656, laying on Nixon’s desk, has that provision. Amendment 5, as you can read above, says nothing about open carry.

The dems and libs claim there will be more lawsuits citing data from Louisiana. Louisiana has a number of legal differences with Missouri. Comparing the statistics from Louisiana to estimated statistics in Missouri is like comparing apples with rocks. Both can be thrown but that is about the only similarity.

Will there be lawsuits? Undoubtedly—from the dems and libs exploring the limits of the Amendment, especially that part about ‘strict adherence.’ You see, that phrase was added in response to the illegal machinations of the Department of Revenue and the upper tiers of the Missouri Highway Patrol violating state law by send CCW carriers information, names, addresses, to the Social Security Administration. The two Missouri agencies did not send a complete list of CCW holders to the Social Security Administration once, they did it twice! It was only after lengthy investigations by the Legislature this information was discovered.

Amendment 5 would not create more lawsuits. It would, however, make any such lawsuit more difficult for those wishing to override our legal rights.

The democrats claim, rightly, that Amendment 5 will remove that portion of the state constitution that prohibits concealed carry. The Missouri Supreme Court has already, responding to lawsuits after the passage of Concealed Carry some years ago, declared that phrase in the Missouri Constitution as moot. Amendment 5 makes the language in the Missouri Constitution conform to that state Supreme Court ruling.

The Western Missouri Shooters Alliance is backing Amendment 5 and has posted the text of this flyer on their website I urge you to support Amendment 5, print off this flyer and ask local businesses if they will allow it to be posted near their entries. Amendment 5 will strengthen our right to keep and bear arms bringing our state constitution up to the level of the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment.