It started snowing this morning about 10 O’clock. This wasn’t the first snow this year. Last month we had a bit, more than a dusting but less than an inch. This time, it appears the snow will be more substantial.

I had to go out at noon—taking a break from work, and took this picture of my back yard before I left. It had been snowing about 30 minutes at this point.

A little less than an hour later, I returned home and took a second picture. Notice the difference.

While I was out, the snow was falling at a rate of an inch an hour. It’s still falling at that rate. The forecast has snow falling for another four hours. That could mean five inches before it stops if it continues at the current rate.

My wife has school tonight. She teaches at a local Bible college. She’s hoping classes will be canceled tonight. We’ll have to see.

I have “Jingle Bells” running in my head!