I’ve never claimed to have a good memory. All too often I will get focused on something (currently building a website for an organization,) and the world goes away while I’m working on it.

Today, repercussions of that tendency has caught up with me. I have had a To-Do task for our church’s website pending and I had forgotten it. Finally, our Pastor sent me a text early this morning to remind me.

What does this mean? No post today. As soon as I update the church’s website, I’m off to take my Tahoe to the doc to get a niggling little irritant fixed. The two rear tire pressure sensors have gone bad. The left is only reading 50% of the actual pressure, the right is intermittent. I can take intermittent, but giving a false reading—that has to be fixed. It’s a quirk with me.

I know, I know, it’s a minor thing and doesn’t affect how the Tahoe runs. But I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist. I expect to own the Tahoe for several more years and at least another hundred or two thousand miles. I want it all to be operating just as it did when it rolled off the assembly lines.

I’ll be back tomorrow, y’all have a very good day.