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I’ve been a Science Fiction fan since I was in grade school. I don’t remember what was the first SF story I read. It was most likely one of the Heinlein juveniles.

Ben Bova is a SF writer and past editor of Analog Magazine. He has earned his writing credentials. What I didn’t know until recently is that he’s also a strong Second Amendment advocate and he wrote a column for the Naples, FL Daily News.

Here’s a portion of that column. I invite you to go here and read the entire article.

From the Naples Daily News, July 24, 2010.

Ben Bova: It’s about the Bill of Rights and bearing arms

I saw how easy it is to throw away those rights when I took part in a think-tank experiment several years ago.
The proposition before us was that we were given a brand-new, fully functional space habitat capable of housing 10,000 people. Our task was to draw up a set of laws that those people would have to live under.
The men and women participating in this thought experiment were well-educated American citizens. I assumed that they would use the U.S. Constitution as a starting point in constructing the habitat’s government. I was naive.
I was stunned by how quickly the Bill of Rights disappeared from the participants’ discussion. Their attitude was that the inhabitants of the colony had better obey the laws and do the jobs they were assigned to do. If they didn’t — toss ’em out into space.
They coined a new phrase: “airlock justice.” Freedom of speech, due process of law, all the rights that we take for granted were tossed out the airlock in favor of iron-handed control of the population.

That’s what could happen if we didn’t have the protections of the Bill of Rights. That’s why the Supreme Court’s decision was right.

Bova also recounts a panel discussion consisting of him, British SF writer John Brunner and others. It’s a hoot!

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