Core Liberties

There have been many events this week that strikes at the foundation of our country. First is the opening scenes that may well be the first shots in the battle between the states and the federal government. Specifically, the suits by Virginia against the Obamacare mandates. Next is the Federal Court injunctions against the oil drilling moratorium in the Gulf. Twice the courts have blocked the moratorium and the Obama Administration ignores the orders and continues to block the return of to the oil rigs. Finally is the initiation of the federal suit against Arizona for having the audacity to enforce federal law when the Obama administration refuses to do so and leaves our borders unprotected.

(Why is our federal government aiding our enemies and oppressing us?)

Getting back to the subject, I’ve been thinking about our core liberties. Not necessarily those in the Bill of Rights, but core concepts.

Not necessarily in order of priority but the ability to travel without restraint nor constraint is a core liberty—the ability to “vote with your feet”. This allows a person the capability of escaping tyranny. The flight of wealth from New York, New Jersey and California to states with less onerous taxes is an example.

The right of self-defense, to protect yourself, your family and friends, even your community and property is a prime facet of liberty. Without this right, we’re slaves to those who can overpower us.

The freedom to speak our minds, whenever and to whomever we wish. The first amendment was created to keep the actions of government and of those in power public. The right to inform and be informed is a weapon against tyranny and oppression. The recent revelations on JournOList prove that the Media has abdicated this task. When those charged with guarding our sources of information join the tyrants and oppressors, we, individually, must supplant them. The abomination spoken by CNN’s John Robert’s call for a crackdown on bloggers is a direct attack against our first amendment rights.

The right to own and acquire property and assets is another core liberty. The urge, the need to better ourselves is a life-long task. That cannot be done without assets in some form. Historically this has been the acquisition of land and property. Today, property had taken other forms of tangible and non-tangible assets.

No one has a right to take what a person owns, what a person has earned, without the voluntary assent of the owner. Anything else is theft. In many instances, taxes are nothing more than governmental theft. I would favor a change that would allow us to earmark where our tax dollars are spent. I doubt many, if any, welfare programs would receive a dime.

Finally, for me, the freedom to worship God as I choose, when I choose, where I choose without restraint by any level of government. The first amendment is not freedom from religion, but freedom OF religion. If you don’t like that, use your other unalienable right to vote with your feet and go elsewhere.

I’m sure many others would add more “rights”. Many, in reality, do not exists but are nothing more than encroachment on others. I challenge you to add more to this list. Remember, it is not a Right, if it restrains others.

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  1. Scary that still many people don't understand their human rights, which are laid out in the Bill of Rights.

    But, yes, they are being wittled down to nothing,and are become meaningless over this past century.

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