No post today…yawn

Today is one of those days. The Missouri Legislature is in its final days for this session. They’ve had some successes (the Tax Cut Bill,) and some that were not (Nixon’s impeachment.) Of course, there are some who think we may still get some movement in these last days, say the votes to pass the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act and the Paper Ballot bill. However, I’m beginning to doubt it. There just isn’t enough time left in this session.

Today is also one of those days where no topic strikes my fancy. I’ve a lot of other work to do…build a new website for a group, mount a optical scope on my AR, clean my pistols, get my mile walk in, little stuff we all have on our to-do lists that keep nagging us.

To top is off, I’ve a weather related headache that’s been nagging me since the weather warmed. It’s not severe, just a constant reminder that Winter is over and Spring, maybe, is finally here.

With that, I’m cutting today’s post short. See you all come Monday.