Followup to an election

Our local elections were held yesterday. All-in-all, three of the four candidates that I voted for won and two of the  three city issues that I voted for passed. The third issue passed, too, but I didn’t vote for it. It was too vaguely worded to understand what it was changing, consequently, I voted against it.

In our local school board election, two ‘conservatives’ won plus one flaming lib. In all, I don’t think the slant of the school board has changed. It seems that all the board members roll over to the union and suck up for more state and federal money. I hope the two that I voted for hinder, as much as they can, the slide towards social education indoctrination that masquerades as education. Jefferson City, Right To Work (RTW) is coming to a vote in the House. Twelve ‘Pubs have said they would vote against RTW. Many of them are dependent on campaign funds from unions and won’t vote against their paymasters.

Burlison seeks outside help in lead-up to ‘right-to-work’ vote

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When a number of Republicans quietly raised objections to taking a vote on ‘right-to-work’ in private caucus meetings, some Republicans decided to increase the pressure from the outside.

More than a dozen Republican members – including Wanda Brown, Paul Curtman, Chuck Gatchenberger, Casey Guernsey, Ron Hicks, Jim Neely, Donna Pfautsch, Craig Redmon, Jeannie Riddle, Noel Shull, Brian Spencer, T.J. Berry Noel Torpey, and Kathy Swan – apparently raised objections to taking a vote on the issue to Rep. Eric Burlison, the bill’s House sponsor, in private meetings.

Burlison slipped much of the whip count to Republicans involved with assisting outside conservative groups. The list was sent in a March 24 email to the lobbyist for the National Federation of Independent Businesses, for example, and other outside groups have relied on the same list. With the information, national interests have increased their pressure as a potential vote in the House seems imminent. .

Groups like FreedomWorks, in the lead up to a potential vote, began targeting lawmakers like Reps. T.J. Berry, R-Independence and Chuck Gatchenberger, R-St. Charles.

They are not the only ones to watch if the bill comes up in the Missouri House. Twenty Republicans voted against ‘paycheck protection’ when it arose in the House last week, a less strict restriction on union activity. The bill passed with just one vote to spare.

It’s going to be a rough legislative session in Jeff City. We’re in a weaker position this year than last year and many (most? all?), of the bills will be vetoed by Jay Nixon. That will drive another veto session next September. It is possible we would have more success this coming September. September leads into the November elections. Perhaps some RINOs, mindful of the coming election will vote to override Nixon’s veto. Or…maybe not.

In any case, we must keep the pressure on even if it means allowing a RINO to lose to a dem. With a dem, we know where we stand. With a RINO, we must be always watchful for the knife in the back. Why bother voting for a RINO when the end result is the same?

I did not vote for a city councilman this election. One was running unopposed. He was a member of the county oligarchy. By that I mean he was a member of a group who wants control of the county regardless of party. This group was responsible for the disastrous Broadband project that wasted millions of county money, a large segment, millions, disappeared and cannot be accounted for. This councilman candidate had no opponent. I still didn’t vote for him. He did receive a couple of hundred votes, I believe.

That’s local politics and, someone said, all politics are local. I agree. Local politics is where the battles begin.