Busy Week

And a busy week it will be! I’ll not be posting today, nor Thursday. Thursday is the annual 2nd Amendment Rally in Jeff City. I’ll be leaving early (groan!) with a couple of friends and will be spending the day in Missouri’s Capitol.

My excuse for not posting today is…well. I don’t have one. Nothing in the morning news stream is appealing. I did get word late last night that the Pay Check Protection bill passed Missouri’s House. Dems and RINO union goons say it will kill unions in Missouri. More lies. The bill just won’t allow unions to extort dues from non-members. That’s an outrage for them. Imagine, not being able to steal from non-members!

House Passes Paycheck Protection 83-70

Here’s a blown up photo, courtesy of Eli Yokley:


Republicans who voted against passage:

  • Rep. Jay Barnes
  • Rep. T.J. Berry
  • Rep. Doug Funderburk
  • Rep. Elaine Gannon
  • Rep. Ron Hicks
  • Rep. Galen Hidgon
  • Rep. Jeanie Lauer
  • Rep. Nick Marshall
  • Rep. John McCaherty
  • Rep. Chris Molendorp
  • Rep. Jim Neely
  • Rep. Myron Neth
  • Rep. Donna Pfautsch
  • Rep. Caleb Rowden
  • Rep. Ron Schieber
  • Rep. Shelia Solon
  • Rep. Chrissy Sommer
  • Rep. Noel Torpey
  • Rep. Paul Weiland
  • Rep. Ann Zerr

Just FYI, the names above are the Rogue’s Gallery of RINOs and union goons who voted against the bill. Let’s do our best to remember them come the primary and November elections.