Twice is a…

There is an old saying, in a variety of versions, that says, “Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern.” Some attribute the quote to Ian Fleming in Goldfinger. Others attribute it to other sources.

David Jolly, winner of Florida’s 13th Congressional District election.

That quote came to mind this morning with the news of David Jolly’s win yesterday in the race for Florida’s 13th Congressional district. Jolly, the republican candidate, won in a field of three. Opposing him was democrat Alex Sink and libertarian Lucas Overby. Jolly won 48.4 percent of the votes, Sink received 46.6 percent, and also-ran Overby garnered less than 5 percent of the votes.

This is the second time a ‘Pub won a contested race where the democrat candidate was expected to win. “The race [in Florida’s 13th District] was seen as a tossup, though Obama carried the district twice and Alex Sink took it in her failed 2010 gubernatorial bid against Republican Rick Scott,” said David West of the Brookings Institute.

Last summer, the first shoe dropped. Second Amendment supporter Samuel Belsito, running on the ‘Pub ticket, beat a democrat for a Connecticut Congressional seat.

Connecticut’s 53rd House District traditionally has been viewed as safely Democratic. Yet Samuel Belsito, a 70-year-old Republican businessman, broke a 40-year stranglehold last week and won a special election over Democratic candidate Anthony J. Horn. — Washington Times.

What is more interesting is that Belsito won AFTER the Sandy Hook shootings! Despite the panic generated by anti-gun liberals in the state, Belsito broke a 40-year run of democrat control of that House seat.Belsito was the first shoe to drop, Jolly was the second, who will be the third that sets the pattern?

Belsito won by upholding the 2nd Amendment. Jolly won due to his opposition tp Obamacare and his vow to vote to repeal it. I wonder what national issue will be the next one to be tested at the polls? Border Security? Immigration? Amnesty? National Security? Restoration of our military? The list is endless.


Erick Erickson in Red State today, published an acerbic column lambasting Mitch McConnell. It’s too good to not quote because I agree with it in its entirety.

Judgment and Leadership

By: Erick Erickson (Diary)  |  March 12th, 2014 at 04:30 AM

Charlie Crist, now running as a Democrat for Governor of Florida, could be a United States Senator.

Trey Grayson, now working for a super PAC to elect Democrats, could be a United States Senator too.

Bob Bennett, who joined Democrats to come up with a federal individual mandate, could still be a United States Senator.

Arlen Specter, who recently passed away, could have died still a sitting United States Senator.

David Dewhurst, the moderate to liberal Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas now struggling to stay elected after a conservative wave through the Lone Star State, could be a Senator.

All of these men were supported by Mitch McConnell either openly or behind the scenes. All of these men are the men McConnell wanted to surround himself with.

Imagine a United States Senate with Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter and without Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz. That is the United States Senate that Mitch McConnell wanted.

Now McConnell says of the new crop of conservative candidates that he wants to “crush them everywhere.” He calls conservatives traitors, fringe, and drunk.

Mitch McConnell backed Charlie Crist against Marco Rubio.

Mitch McConnell backed Trey Grayson against Rand Paul.

Mitch McConnell backed Bob Bennett against Mike Lee.

Mitch McConnell backed David Dewhurst against Ted Cruz.

Mitch McConnell backed Arlen Specter against Pat Toomey.

It is time to back Matt Bevin against Mitch McConnell.

McConnell and his butt-buddy Boehner both need to go.