Phonies abound

Yesterday was the day of the Texas primary. In the gubernatorial primary was pro-abortion democrat Wendy Davis against pro-life democrat Ray Madrigal. On the ‘Pub ticket it was Greg Abbot against a four-person field that included Lisa Fritsch, Miriam Martinez and Larry Kilgore.

Abbott won by a landslide.


Davis did too, over Ray Madrigal.


But, there are strategic differences. Greg Abbott ran against a field of four. Wendy Davis ran against one, Ray Madrigal. The big difference between Davis and Madrigal was…Madrigal didn’t campaign. He did not solicit campaign funds. In fact, when Madrigal didn’t submit his campaign funding report to the state and was fined $500 for that failure, the fine was later waived. Why? Because Madrigal had no funds to report!

With all her out-of-state support and funding, Davis beat Madrigal. When compared to the votes from the last Gubernatorial primary, Davis failed to garner the same level, the same or larger percentage of votes than did the democrat candidate in the 2010 primary.


Davis ran on a single issue—abortion, free and plentiful. She came to national view because of her pro-abortion filibuster last year on a bill to change Texas’ abortion law. That single issue cost her votes in the heavily hispanic regions of the state causing Davis to ‘modify’ her views in the last days of the primary campaign.

When you view the voting pictorial of Texas, you can see who voted for and against Davis. The southern border areas voted for Madrigal. When you gaze forward to the elections next fall, it is interesting to note just how many counties in Texas had no democrat votes in the primary!


Yes, that is zero, zip, nada votes in the democrat primary. It does not foretell good news for Wendy Davis, despite all her out-of-state support and funding.

Will all of that external support, Davis’ flip-flop on her single issue campaign proves, like all liberals and democrats, she has no real core values. She’s just another liberal phony.

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