Thermometers or Thermostats?

An alternate title could be, “Act or React.” I read an article this morning in the Washington Times that accurately reflects the state of the GOP. Yes, as expected, if comes down to a confrontation of US vs. THEM.

The ‘US’ in the sentence above is the GOP outside of Washington. The ‘THEM’ is the Washington GOP elite who have lost their goals, focus and independence. All of those elites, at one time or another, espoused conservative viewpoints. However, as soon as they arrived in Washington, those conservative principles fade. Yes, there are a few who still retain those principles, like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and to a lesser extent Rand Paul and Marko Rubio. But more and more, it seems they are the exceptions rather than the rules.

The Washington elite are thermometers. Cruz, Lee, and others are thermostats. Thermometers react. Thermostats act. It’s a major difference.

Conservatives frustrated by GOP’s compromises, lack of leadership