Reasonable Regulation—DC Style: Chuck Asay

Sometimes a cartoon just can’t be beat.

Just how true is this for other locales? I think California is next.

2 thoughts on “Reasonable Regulation—DC Style: Chuck Asay

  1. Here in North Carolina, you must have a handgun permit issued by the Sheriffs office to purchase a handgun. 10 bucks or so and a simple background check. No restrictions on ammo but not much out there right now!

    Concealed Carry Handgun permit requires an 8 hour minimum class and an admittedly mediocre qualifying firing test. Then back to the Sheriff and another 100 or so bucks and fingerprinting.

    Thanks for the blog, I enjoy it!

  2. Up until a few years ago, Missouri also required a Sheriff's permit for pistol purchases. Cost $10.

    A change to our CCW law revoked that requirement that went back to the Pendergast days when it was a tool to disarm political enemies.

    No more. We still have to put up with NICS checks but that's a lesser bother.

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