One down, more yet to go…

In the mail-in election in Hawaii, Charles Djou won at 40% of the vote against 31% and 28% for his two competitors. This is Obama’s home district in Hawaii and the dems couldn’t keep it in the party.

The democrat votes were split between Colleen Hanabusa at 31% of the vote and Ed Case at 27.8% of the vote. Both of the democrat candidate pledge to run again in the fall. This election was to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Neil Abercrombie.

Djou wins U.S. House seat

The GOP trumpets a victory on Obama’s home turf, while Dems promise to regroup

By B.J. Reyes The celebration at Hawaii Republican Party headquarters was barely 15 minutes old as Charles Djou, the GOP’s newest darling, had already moved past the historic victory and turned his sights toward the general election in November.


“I know there are going to be pundits out there who are going to try to minimize the significance of tonight’s election,” Djou told a crowd of jubilant supporters after winning the special election to fill the vacancy in Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District.

“These pundits are going to say the only reason this evening occurred is because of unique political circumstances,” he added. “These pundits are going to tell you to ignore the results of what happened here tonight. We’re here to tell them they are wrong.”

Djou won with close to 40 percent of the vote in the mail-in special election, beating Democrats Colleen Hanabusa, with 31 percent, and Ed Case, 28 percent.

The DCCC, which spent $300,000 in attack ads against Djou but pulled resources out of Hawaii this month because of the local party’s failure to rally behind one candidate, tried to downplay Djou’s victory.

It may be the beginning of the voters rebelling against the democrat tyranny as shown by the failure of Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania primary and the lack of a clear majority in Arkansas for Blanch Lincoln running for re-election for the Senate. Lincoln now faces a run-off election because she failed to acquire 50% of the vote.

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  1. On the other hand, this is no time to become smug and complacent. And this is also NO time to be CROWING about ANY win in PUBLIC.

    That is a POOR strategy.


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