Anonymity and Personal Ownership

Frank James posted a article the other day concerning Blogger anonymity. It made me consider my own anonymity on this blog.

Frank James, among many things, is a professional writer. He’s been published in a number of magazines, and his and his wife’s book about his daughter is still available via Amazon as is Frank’s book, Effective Handgun Defense. Frank’s reputation as a professional writer is part of his livelihood. He must, to maintain credibility, take ownership of his words and opinions.

That is not so true for many bloggers. Other bloggers, for personal reasons, due to employer requirements, or as in the case of Lawdog and Brigid, due to their profession, must keep their identity as private as possible.

When I started this blog, I was employed by the third largest telecommunications company in the US, Sprint-Nextel. The corporation is dependent on the federal government for its continued existence. The FCC regulates the communications industry and can (and frequently has) disrupt business and cause great turmoil just by issuing a new regulation, change or reinterpret a regulation, or block some interstate business project. Consequently, it was prudent for me to not reflect badly on Sprint through my personal words and deeds.

That is no longer the case. I was laid-off last December after eighteen years with the company as an engineer and manager. I’m currently on severance and when that runs out I’ll retire. I no longer need to maintain my anonymity. In actuality, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Sprint in my blog nor even posted about the commercial carrier industry.

Therefore, you’ll see my name and town of residence in my profile. The name of this blog will remain Crucis’ Court and there will be no other real changes other than I will no longer hide behind the cover of anonymity. I hadn’t really considered this until I read Frank’s post and it made me think—which is the purpose of any blogger.

Well done, Frank.

7 thoughts on “Anonymity and Personal Ownership

  1. Pleased to meet you, Mike.
    When I initially started getting involved in online commentary – primarily newsgroups and early forums (fora?) – I had a nick. I still use that nick in those places. When I first started my blog, I really had no idea where I was going with it so I thought nothing of using my real name – now that I am much more outspoken, I'm still OK with that. Taking ownership is a good thing – pity more folk don't do it in real life as well.


  2. I'll be doing the same thing in about 4 years when I retire… And yes, Frank DID provoke some thoughts and soul searching, but I have, and I'm pretty sure you have owned up to mistakes that got published…

  3. I also use a A.K.A .I use it as more as of a dicription of spirit any way,as in the Book of Joel. I have the honor of calling Mike "Brother" on a weekly basis.We are all called "Beloved" By our Father so whats in a earthly temporary name anyway?There is no shame where we are all end our own journeys. Our final Home in His arms my Brothers and Sisters.

  4. To all my blog readers, thank you all. I'll still show as "Crucis" when I make comments on other blogs because that's how Blogspot works. But I can always be backtracked here.

    I have made a few errors in my posts but fortunately not many and I believe I've made edits or updates to correct those factual errors.

    If you think my opinion is in error, prove it. I'll not retract that without heavy and irrefutable proof to the contrary.

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