"A Republic, Madam, if you can…"

In an interview, Elena Kagan was asked a question. The answer was not as expected.

4 thoughts on “"A Republic, Madam, if you can…"

  1. "Elections have consequences".Ihave heard that statement many times over the years.Now we are going to have a real duzy of a consequence setting on the "Supreme Court" for many years. Her ideas will be heard and ageed with a whole bunch of people in this country. If we who oppose what is going on sit on rears in the comfort of what he have do not get out int the market place and fight this our grand children are going to live in a country that their freedoms will not exist that we know and hold dear. It is time to take our grad chieldrens future ror them. I hear "the chieldren are our future". We had better get busy or thier future is very limited. The government will be handing them nothing that resembles what the forefathers had in their minds. i guess i aam done for now got to hit the pavement.

  2. Not long at all, more has been done to dismantle this constitutional republic in the last year and four months than in the rest of our country's history.(OMG! It seems like *so* much longer!)
    I read a comment yesterday that may well become my focal point for the balance of the year, "I normally love summer, but this year I just can't wait for fall."
    We can't fix it all at once, but we need to keep trying…

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