Us vs. Them

Us vs. Them. A simple statement that carries so much within it. Us. Who are we? Are we the vast members of middle-America who see our family, friends and neighbors lose more and more under the despotic rule of the central government? Or, are we those of the dependency class, dependent on others for their livelihood and trapped in a situation that crept upon them slowly and unnoticed?

There are variations on both sides. Some of those middle-Americans are doing well. They have jobs, homes, and their debts and taxes are manageable. They cruise through life not noticing the fates and fares of those around them…until suddenly they too are affected. Affected by a sudden increase in debt, a loss of a planned bonus, business profits decrease and the expected pay increase never arrives, their employer raises the employee cost of benefits or ends them, resulting in changes of a comfortable life. Suddenly, there is stress and uncertainly of the future instead of the former complacency.

On the other side, many are forced into dependency. Stress increases. Families lose jobs and become dependent on unemployment insurance. Job seeking becomes more difficult. Openings are few and seemingly fewer. Personal debt increases as families attempt to maintain lifestyles that cannot be sustained.

Along with dependency comes more governmental intrusion. Benefits that had been assured now become ‘means tested’. Are you qualified to receive those benefits? When did you last look for work? How many companies have you visited? Called? Submitted a resume?

Then Murphy arrives to visit and personal finances drop even more.

At some point, sooner or later, a few people here, more over there, people begin to consider: how long can this continue? If you listen to democrats, all will be well if government grows and the rich “pay their fair share.” What the dems don’t mention is that there aren’t all that many rich to soak, and they already pay far more than their fair share.

The dems declare that all will be well if we just spend more. The great social programs of the last century, Roosevelt’s New Deal, Johnson’s Great Society, the actual trillions of dollars spent on these programs that have no record of success, are not failures. We just have not spent enough, yet, democrats say. Spend more, regulate more, control more, restrict alternatives, force the populace to behave as dictated.

Conservatives push for limitations: limitations of federal spending. Limitations on bureaucratic regulations, limits on governmental intrusion, a limit on spending. Conservatives strive for limits because they realize that one day the bills will come due and all the money in the nation won’t be able to cover those debts.

And finally there are the republicans. They declare all will be well if you elect us and throw the democrats out of office. We’ll continue all those spending programs because, in the end, we’re here for the power, not for the benefits of the governed. The argument begins. Solely for power? Not true, many within the establishment claim. True, says the party’s conservatives and point to Karl Rove, Crossroads, and the US Chamber of Commerce who, instead of attacking democrats and liberals, side with them against conservatives.

Us. vs. Them. Everyone has a different view. What will happen? Who will benefit? Who will be affected? Everyone has an opinion from the ghetto mother who believes her livelihood comes from Obama’s endless ‘stash’, to the Tea Party and grassroot organization who fear their nation is on the brink of collapse and civil war.

Where is the truth? Everyone of them—to that person.

This is an election year. In 2014, every member of the US House for representatives and thirty-three seats in the US Senate, is up for election. The ‘Pubs and dems are both aiming their campaigns at the same demographic groups—liberals and ‘moderates’, i.e., democrats. Both parties, now, actively work to displace, and remove conservatives from Congress. The last time, in 2012, the ‘Pubs did this, they lost—badly. Nearly 4% of the ‘Pubs core voters, those voters the ‘Pubs assumed would vote the big ‘R’, stayed home.

It is likely the same will happen in 2014. When there is no discernible differences between the two parties, why bother to vote of either one? The ‘Pubs assume the failure of Obamacare will be sufficient to garner enough votes to seize control of the Senate. An assumption not guaranteed.

From a political perspective, the Us, the conservatives, are now opposed by Them, the liberals, democrats, and the ‘Pub establishment. The result will be a continuation of the downward spiral of the economy and personal freedom.  When that spiral hits bottom, it won’t be pretty.

‘Us vs. Them’ can be viewed as maintenance of the political status quo or a battle to regain control of governmental power. Entropy declares that the status quo cannot be maintained. It will change. The direction depends on…us.

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