Economics for democrats and other liberals

The emergency response plan developed in 1994 to handle oil spills before they got out of control wasn’t implemented. The plan by NOAA called for sweeps and booms to collect the surface oil and to burn it off when the wind was from shore.

Instead, we’ve watched more governmental incompetency. Obama’s first reaction was to sent a SWAT team to Louisiana. WHAT!?!? Then he sent more agents from Holder and Napolitano. None of this addressed the issue—let BP start the cleanup. Instead the FedGov dithered while the oil slick spread and tried to deflect blame.

Some eco-nuts are calling for a shutdown of all the offshore oil rigs—oil rigs that supplies 30% of our domestic oil production. If that happens, care to guess what the consequences will be? Bob Gorrell captured their response.

Chuck Asay has the answer. It’s called “cause and effect” and “supply and demand” cost accounting.

But never forget where the largest spill is occurring. Michael Ramirez has the answer.

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