Slow posting day

I usually post ahead one or two days. I’ve been a bit lax this week. Yesterday, Mrs Crucis and I just spent the day out. We went first to Cabelas. The KC, KS store is remodeling and they’ve opened a new display exhibit on Elk. Mrs Crucis explored the digital camera capabilities of her phone and took a couple of dozen photos.

I bought some .357Rem and .45Acp ammo. I’d given my .357 ammo to a church friend when he and his family spent a week in the Colorado highlands some time ago and I’d not replenished my on-hand stock. He has a CCW ticket and carries a 4″ Ruger Gp100. It’s nice that Colorado recognizes Missouri’s CCW.

I noticed that Cabelas had plenty of ammo on hand. I can’t remember when I’ve seen more ammo, more bulk ammo for sale just waiting to be picked up. Reloading supplies were well stocked as well. I tend to believe that the suppliers have recouped their shortages. I’m continuing to stock up, however, just in case. What I can’t use, I know some folks who can.

After leaving Cabelas, we stopped for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Genghis Khan’s Mongolian BBQ. If you’ve never been to a Mongolian BBQ, it’s a bit like a Chinese Buffet. The difference is that you gather your food items, meat choices, noodles, sauces, all raw in a big bowl. At the end of the line you give your bowl to one of the cooks who “BBQs” it on a large iron gas-fired griddle. It only takes a minute or so until it’s all done and you have a steaming plate ready to eat. Add some steamed rice, Egg-drop soup, Crab Rangoon, something to drink and you’ve a meal to last all day.

All-in-all, it was a very nice day and we both needed a day out. Unfortunately, I didn’t queue up a post for today. If something strikes my eye, I’ll post something later.

Y’all have a nice day!

2 thoughts on “Slow posting day

  1. Oh! There's a Genghis Kahn by the track? I enjoy one just off 39th street, close to KUMed. It is lots of fun to see what you can come up with–and not end up hurting yourself with too much something! We're looking forward to visiting that Cabela's. Mr. H and the sons have visited, and I went to the one in Olympia, WA, when visiting them in their territory. It's almost more than one can take in. Too many opportunities to spend money–and then there's the space consideration! When I owned a bookshop specializing in hunting, shooting, fishing, etc., I would get the same sort of response. Too many options–and with indecision comes no buying! At least with ammo, there's always a use and a purpose and someplace can always be found. Glad you had a good day out.

  2. We went to the original Genghis Khan off 39th and Rainbow. There is a 2nd one north of the river but we've never been there.

    Usually GK is closed on Sundays except for once a year on Mother's Day. Hope y'all had a good one too.

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