Today is a Good day

From time to time, I like to step back and get a better view of the world. The sun came up this morning, it’s sunny outside and the forecasters have promised the temperature will reach 50 today. Not only all that, it is my Daughter and Son-in-Law’s 18th wedding anniversary.

I can’t imagine where the time has gone. She had a Celtic wedding—her colors were red and green plaid. The Church, made of stone, was decorated in Red and Green plaids, our tuxedo vests were in the same colors, a tartan weave, and she had two pipers proceed her down the isle.

Our family has always liked the pipes and Irish flutes.

Instead of my usual rants and opinions, today will be different. If I recall correctly, the pipers played two songs. I think they were Scotland the Brave and Amazing Grace. This is my favorite version of Amazing Grace.