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Judge Napolitano appeared last night on FOX news debating Juan Williams on the passage of the Ryan-Murray budget bill in the House. Boehner gained kudos from  Juan Williams and the Left.

Judge Napolitano On Budget Deal: “No Distinction Between Boehner And Pelosi”

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: The speaker has demonstrated a poverty of leadership. The speaker has demonstrated that he can. —

BRET BAIER: Wait a second, he just got 332 votes.

NAPOLITANO: Well, he did get 332 votes because he got the Democrats to vote with him and he scared — and he lost the Republican who retain the value of small government. This doesn’t decrease the deficit, it adds to it. It doesn’t decrease the debt, it adds to it. It spends $63 billion more than we are spending now. It obliterate the concept of the sequester which they said was going to decrease all this stuff two years ago. This is an absolute fraud. They’re afraid of reality. They have no sense, the Republican establishment. They have no sense of small government values that they were elected to put into law.

JUAN WILLIAMS: Wow, tell us how you feel.

NAPOLITANO: This is basically Democrat lite. There is no distinction between John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi on this.

BAIER: What about the argument that Charles makes, Judge, that holding off the government shutdown allows Republicans to focus on what they want to focus on, which is Obamacare and other things to win elections because they need W’s on the board.

NAPOLITANO: It used to be a basic tenet of Republican principles you don’t have what you don’t have and you don’t go in more debt. They are spending a trillion and a half more than they are taking in and that is simply unacceptable. It’s going to make matters far worse. That $17 trillion will be $20 trillion at this rate at the end of President Obama’s term.

WILLIAMS: Listen, they are doing the right thing finally. Let me just tell you something, they’re doing the right thing for the American people and for Republicans. You have just written off, by the way, the majority of the Republicans on the Hill because the majority voted for this bill.

— RealClearPolitics, December 12, 2013.

Yes, Juan, perhaps we should just write off the majority of the ‘Pubs on the Hill. They aren’t representing us!

In other news, Texas Senator, and McConnell’s #2 in the Senate, John Cornyn acquired a strong primary opponent.

Stockman issues serious challenge to Cornyn in Texas senate race

Thursday, December 12, 2013 – Liberty In Our Time by Dave Nalle

AUSTIN, Texas, December 10, 2013 — One minute before the Texas filing deadline for primary candidates on Monday, Senator John Cornyn received a serious primary challenge from conservative Congressman Steve Stockman.

Stockman declared war on Cornyn in an uncompromising press release, calling Cornyn a “Harry Reid Republican,” calling him a “liberal” in almost every sentence and referencing Cornyn’s record of supporting Obamacare and big government in the Senate and his opposition to conservative candidates like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Stockman’s comments point pretty clearly at his strategy for the campaign with multiple references to recently elected Senator Ted Cruz. Despite the attacks he has faced from the left and in the national media, Cruz is hugely popular among conservatives and Republican voters in Texas. Stockman’s goal in the campaign will be to convince voters who like Cruz that they would like to have another Senator like Cruz to replace Cornyn.

When reached for a comment Monday evening, Stockman said “John Cornyn seems to only be a conservative around election time. For the other five years of his term he spends his time violating Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment and undermining conservative Republicans as we saw with his misguided attack on Ted Cruz.”

Cornyn’s record in the Senate gives Stockman plenty to work with. With votes for Medicare Part D, TARP, the NDAA and PIPA, Cornyn seems to line up with Democrats and Senate moderates like John McCain and Lindsey Graham pretty consistently. Cornyn has a record as a big spender, raising the debt limit 8 times, voting for the Fiscal Cliff deal that raised taxes on 77% of Americans and voting against fiscally responsible Senate budget proposals. Cornyn’s recent vote against defunding Obamacare and his derisive public attack on Ted Cruz after his record setting floor speech against the president’s troubled healthcare plan have made Cornyn particularly unpopular with Texas voters.

Although Cornyn had drawn no major challengers prior to Stockman’s last minute filing, a poll taken by Public Policy Polling a month ago showed that 49% of Republican primary voters wanted a major conservative candidate to run against Cornyn. Cornyn’s approval rating has dropped to 33%. The poll also showed that 62% of Republican primary voters prefer Cruz to Cornyn.

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  1. Well, Mr. Benjamin Franklin, we’re all Socialist Democrats now…..even the Republicans are joining the Socialist movement to destroy America. Khruschev was right in 1959. They need only feed us bits and pieces of Socialism until we wake up to find the chains of Communism have become unbreakable. Obamacare is the just one of the latest government interventions against free market capitalism, designed to increase their power while redistributing wealth and entrapping the voters. The Republicans were Democrat Lite, but are looking more and more like Democrat Heavy. Boehner is no friend of patriots.

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