The Weekend in Review

A weather front came through this weekend and hit Mrs. Crucis and me. She had congestion and sinus headaches, I just ached with a side order of sinus headache as well. Consequently, we didn’t do much, Church on Sunday, Sunday dinner out and then a retreat back home.

I hate Winter. Yeah, I know, it’s not Winter yet, still a bit over a month to go. That fact doesn’t make us feel any better.

Be that as it is, the weekend news is a bit sparse. A tornado hit Illinois yesterday, killing 6. The global warming idiots blame it on ‘climate change’ because a tornado occurred in November. They ignore the announcement from Colorado that the ski resorts are opening early this year due to the heavy, early season snowfalls.


One item from the weekend did catch my eye, a column and video by Charles Krauthammer. In the report, he contends that there is no difference between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party. He claims reports of civil war within the GOP is a liberal media myth. I wish it were.

For sake of argument, I will agree that the platform and political principles of the GOP and the Tea Party have many parallels. Many of the rank and file GOP are also Tea Party members. I disagree with Krauthammer’s statement that the parallels of the GOP and the Tea Party extend to the GOP establishment.

If his view was true, the recent unilateral debt limit increase would not have happened. Nor would the GOP establishment cave on the shutdown of last month. In those parallels were true, the GOP would have sponsored rallies across Washington to support their case. Some rallies did happen and some GOP pols attended. But—the establishment hid and did nothing.

So, no, I disagree with Krauthammer. The GOP establishment and the Tea Party do not agree. Krauthammer speaks as one of that establishment.

The view of many, including me, is that the GOP Washington establishment is nothing more than democrats lite. Instead of opposing the liberals, the dems and Obama at every point, the GOP establishment views that opposition as too difficult. It’s easier to cave than do anything. A pox on them!


I’ve stated before that I get a lot of emails, newsletters daily on news, politics and events. One headline newsletter had a poll at the bottom, a poll asking a single questions, “Is there any point to Republicans continuing to hold repeal votes on Obamacare?” You had to choose one of four responses.

  • Yes, it’s important the administration knows how divisive this still is
  • Yes, it keeps momentum going in case Republicans some day have the numbers to repeal it
  • Nope. Republicans lost this one, they should get over it
  • I could see trying to repeal specific parts, but not the whole law. That ship has sailed

The response to the poll was not as surprising as I thought. It mirrored my opinion and apparently a majority of others.

35% Yes, it’s important the administration knows how divisive this still is

53% Yes, it keeps momentum going in case Republicans some day have the numbers to repeal it

5% Nope. Republicans lost this one, they should get over it

8% I could see trying to repeal specific parts, but not the whole law. That ship has sailed


( 124784 votes )

Interesting, is it not? I wonder, as more and more people are affected, how this poll may change, will the second choice grow larger? Or, will the first choice, an upright middle-finger salute to Obama, as his personal favorability polls continue to fall, grow? Only time will tell.


Obamacare appears to be heading to the Supreme Court again. This time the issue is that it is unconstitutional because it is a tax bill and originated in the Senate, not the House. What Harry Reid did was to take a House bill about veterans, erase everything except the House number and dump Obamacare into it. Then in a Pelosi lead conference meeting, one where the ‘Pubs were excluded, approved the Senate Obamacare bill and sent it off for BOs signature.

That is unconstitutional say those who brought the suit. Here’s a brief report; some House ‘Pubs are supporting the suit. John Boehner and Eric Cantor aren’t with them.

Forty House Republicans side with Obamacare Origination Clause suit

By Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times, Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Constitution says revenue-raising bills must originate in the House, and since the bill that became Obamacare was written in the Senate, House Republicans say that’s a problem.

Led by Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona, 40 members of the House have signed onto a lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act on the grounds that it violates the Origination Clause because it failed to originate in the correct house of Congress.

The lawsuit, filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation in Sacramento, Calif., is now before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. A federal judge sided in June with the Obama administration’s defense of the sweeping health-insurance law.

“Given that an Origination Clause challenge against a taxing bill of this magnitude has never before been mounted, it is imperative that this Court not sanction the lower court’s superficial analysis of the Origination Clause,” said the House Republicans’ “friend-of-the-court” brief filed Nov. 8.

Despite its round-one loss, the case, Sissel v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is gaining interest among Obamacare critics who see it as the last best chance to overturn the massive health-care program in the courts.

“This support from members of the House is especially significant because PLF’s lawsuit defends the constitutional authority of the lower chamber, the legislative body that is closest to the people,” said Paul J. Beard II, the foundation’s principal attorney on the case.

You can read more, here, at the website. I’ve heard of this suit but nothing that is recent. Now…if only we can trust Chief Justice Roberts. That is the real question.

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  1. The Republican Party is being infiltrated with Progressive Communists, and both party’s are starting to look like one unified group moving toward government control of every detail of our lives. There are now two classes in America. One is the American class (the people) and the other is the Political class (the establishment politicians). iCaucus and the Tea Party are two of the best American organizations working to overcome the evil of both party’s. I, for one, would like to see the Tea Party become fully functional as a focused political party and let the patriots abandon the establishment Republican Party. An organized Tea Party will have more clout.

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