Ducking and Running plus other items

Obama is expected to arbitrarily change Obamacare today to allow people “to keep their old insurance.” There’s two problems with his turnaround on the failure of Obamacare. First, he doesn’t have the authority to make these changes. Yes, I know, he’s already done so numerous times for his corporate and union buds. Those exceptions weren’t legal, either.  The second problem is—those policies no longer exist and are, themselves, illegal to be sold under Obamacare. Obama can’t, with a wave of his hand, recreate plans that no long exist.


More lies from the Liar-in-Chief.


The light-bulb banner, ‘Pub representative Fred Upton, has proposed a bill to modify Obamacare to correct some of the problems. There are numerous problems with Upton’s bill. First, it creates additional issues—shall we say more unintended consequences, and, while Upton and some ‘Pubs, like Vicky Hartzler who is co-sponsoring the bill, think it will gain dem support, it is stepping into a dem trap.

You see, in the Senate, Mary Landrieu, D-LA, has a plan, too. One that is even worse than the Upton bill, if that’s possible. So what happens if Upton’s bill is passed in the House? It reaches the Senate, where Reid will swap it for Landrieu’s bill and send it back to the House. If the ‘pubs don’t pass it, they’ll be blamed for “not fixing Obamacare.” If they pass it, it just makes Obamacare worse and saves Landrieu’s butt because of the backlash from her constituents over her votes for Obamacare.

Yes, It’s a Trap.

By: Erick Erickson (Diary)  |  November 14th, 2013 at 02:24 AM

Since yesterday afternoon a bunch of good Republicans who’ve decided to put their faith in the man who banned the incandescent lightbulb, have been telling me how wrong I am for thinking the Upton Plan is a trap.

Folks, it is a trap. You may not think it is a trap, but the Democrats are going to use it to turn the tables on the GOP

Certainly Upton and House Republican Leaders do not think it is a trap, but it is one the Democrats have flipped skillfully on the GOP.

First, understand that Upton is messaging legislation. It allows everyone in Congress to say they support people being able to keep their healthcare plans, but it lacks measures to force insurance companies to let people keep their plans. It is a paper tiger.

But Republicans are starting to pick up worried Democrat votes for the Upton legislation who feel they must stand for something with 2014 on the horizon.

So Upton will pass. It will be “bipartisan.”

Democrats, meanwhile, need to get Mary Landrieu and a host of other red state Democrats re-elected. The President’s law be damned, they want to save their Senate majority. Remember, Obamacare already has embedded in the law provisions bailing out insurance companies and the Democrats and Republicans have shown themselves perfectly comfortable bailing out businesses deemed “too big to fail” in the past. Insurance companies participating in the exchanges will be deemed “too big to fail” I guarantee. So the Democrats can hurt insurance companies and undermine their own exchanges, but the government will bail out the insurance companies affected under the terms of Obamacare as already written.

The House would send the Senate the Upton measure. The Senate Democrats will respond, “But Upton has not teeth. Landrieu has teeth.” The Senate will substitute Landrieu’s legislation for Upton’s, send it back to the House, and watch the GOP try to explain why they say their for letting people keep their health insurance plans, but will not actually force insurance companies to let people keep those plans.

Yet again, the GOP will be cast as the tool of insurance companies and Mary Landrieu as the savior of plans people already have. Republicans will cave. They’ll console themselves thinking Landrieu’s bill will undermine Obamacare and cause it to collapse.

Upton’s legislation by itself isn’t worth worrying about. But Upton passed with Landrieu’s bill still on the table gives the Democrats the offense back. Republicans will absolutely flub the response and, embarrassed, vote for Landrieu. If you don’t believe me, Fred Upton is open to Landrieu’s plan himself.

Lots of Republican pundits and folks at the NRSC are giddy thinking Landrieu will blow up Obamacare. No. It will deliver even quicker rate shock to Americans, but it will not stop Obamacare. Landrieu will do much harm, but it won’t somehow repeal or obstruct Obamacare.

The GOP is getting too clever by half. They need to just demand full repeal of Obamacare — not let Democrats like Landrieu save themselves while claiming to fix the unfixable.

Obamacare is not fixable. If anything, Landrieu shows just how unfixable it is.

In any event, this is all going to become academic as I expect the President, by the end of this week, to find some new way to claim he is saving people without Congress doing anything and then put the GOP leadership on defense where GOP leaders will spontaneously and pre-emptively blame Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and do whatever the President wants them to do.

Republicans thought themselves clever, but the Democrats are baiting a trap of the Republicans’ own design. The Democrats, and especially the President, want to be thrown in that briar patch.


Military deaths aren’t always due to combat nor to enemy action. Sometimes, they occur during training. A number of years ago, some Marines, being trained on a mortar, were killed when a round detonated while being loaded into the tube. Apparently, it’s happened again.

Being in the military is a hazardous job. A young man from our church is in the Navy attending A-school. We pray for him daily.

Some times, deaths occur during normal operations. While such deaths are regrettable, and while operations are conducted as safely as possible, sometime, through no one’s fault, military members die in the course of their duties.

I witnessed one such incident. I was in the Air Force stationed at Richards-Gebaur AFB on the south side of Kansas City. R-G AFB, being situated in the center of the country, was a fuel stop for many aircraft from all services when travelling from coast to coast. There were other military airfields close by, Leavenworth, and Whiteman AFB, but they weren’t used. Leavenworth’s field was too short for some aircraft. Whiteman AFB was a SAC missile base and closed to most traffic, military and civilian alike. That left Richard-Gebaur as the favored fuel stop…and allowed for crew and passengers a change to use the ‘facilities’ and get something to eat.

It was early morning, bright and clear. I don’t remember the date nor month except it was in the Fall and the weather was warm. I had just stepped out of a building facing west. A Navy A-6 aircraft was in the pattern for landing. I saw it bobble, up-down, then flip on its back and go down. Moments later I heard a BOOM from across the main runway and saw a black mushroom rising from the distance.

Sirens started from the flight-line triggered, probably, from the air traffic controllers in the tower. Flight-line fire trucks, always on standby during flight operations, pulled out and headed for the north gate closely followed by base Security Police and a line of blue trucks and ambulances.

I had no duty to join the rescue and recovery operations, I’d be in the way. My only duty was to submit a written statement, later, of what I’d seen as a witness. I went back inside the building and reported the incident to my boss.

Later in the day, I was told there were two deaths in the crash, the pilot and a PO1, a Petty Officer First Class, who was catching a ride. Apparently the A-6 suffered hydraulic failure in the pattern. The pilot and the PO1 ejected just as the A-6 flipped upside down. Neither the pilot nor the PO1 had time for their ‘chutes to open.

The worst part was that the PO1 was coming to R-G AFB on leave. His parents were at base operations to greet him. They witnessed the accident, too.

The local TV news reported the crash that evening. The KC Star ran a few column inches on an inside page. Two lives lost during normal state-side operations. The accident was lost in the other reports arriving daily from South-East Asia.

The news of the four marines killed during training at Camp Pendleton won’t last long on the headlines either. All of the media’s attention, little of that as it is, is focused on Afghanistan. By tomorrow, the day after at the latest, this incident will vanish, too…except in the memories of those who survived or were involved, and their families.