The day after…

My wife and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving yesterday. Our daughter and SIL went to his folks place. His two brothers and their families were in town from Dallas and Nashville. They left this morning.

The two of us had our turkey with our favorites, then following a long tradition, went to the movies for the Twilight Special. This time there were several movies suitable for viewing with the family. In some years past, we looked at the marquee and went home. We just don’t care to watch a movie whose only memorable features are sex and foul language. I’ve heard enough cussin’ and verbal pollution to last me a lifetime. After the first few words, folks just repeat themselves. If they’re not any more articulate than that, they should just keep their mouths shut.

Today was our day with the daughter, SIL and the three grandkids, the youngest being three weeks old. By consensus, we wanted something other than Turkey, so we went to Genghis Khan, a Chinese/Mongolian BBQ for dinner.

If you’ve never been to a Mongolian BBQ, you’ve missed something unique. Basically, it’s roll your own. You pick up a bowl and go down a line of ingredients picking and choosing as you like. I picked up some water chestnuts, onion greens, egg and flour noodles, sliced beef, chicken, pork and a few shrimp. Next section is the liquids. I usually add some rice wine, onion oil, sesame seeds, soy sauce, garlic water, sugar water, a bit of hot sauce, chopped peanuts, plus some other ingredients that looked good. At the end a grill cook takes it and then it’s just waiting until it’s done.

At the table, add some steamed rice, egg-drop soup, some crab rangoon, chicken wings and you’ve a feast. If you’re still hungry after finishing all that off you can go around again. For four adults, drinks, and two kids, we got out with a tab of $65, tip included.

The best part was on the way home. We’d stopped off at the Sprint Store to update my wife’s phone. Hers was several years old and she wanted one with a bluetooth headset to answer calls while driving. With Sprint you get $150 upgrade discount after eighteen months. Add some additional discounts and we spent $151 for new phone, regularly priced at $299, a bluetooth headset normally $39, and clear carrying case valued at $30. All for $151. Not a bad deal!

We were pulling out of the lot and I asked my wife what was scheduled for tomorrow. She usually works at a free clothing store on Saturdays, but tomorrow it will be closed because of the holiday at the weekend. “Let’s go to the range,” she said.

Now that’s a Holiday! Quiet time home. A movie. Eating out with the kids. Afternoon at the range. Couldn’t ask for more!