A Murder in Arizona

While Washington spent the last 14 months passing that abomination called Healthcare Reform, they have been ignoring their primary responsibility, the security of this nation from external threats. That malfeasance resulted in the death of Robert Krentz, whose ranch, near Douglas, AZ, had become a highway for illegals and drug runners from Mexico. Krentz had found and reported some illegals carrying drugs to the Border Patrol and it is believed the drug runners specifically targeted Krentz, killing him Saturday, March 27, 2010.

The influx of incoming illegals has dropped due to the failing economics in the US. The transportation of drugs across the Mexican/US border has not been reduced and the drug runners will do anything to keep their conduit into the US flowing. FOX News made this report.

Illegal Immigrant Suspected in Murder of Arizona Rancher

By William La Jeunesse

– FOXNews.com

Robert Krentz was known among fellow ranchers as a good Samaritan who often helped injured illegal immigrants trying to cross the boiling desert border into Arizona. But the 58-year-old was gunned down while tending to his ranch Saturday morning, and police suspect an illegal immigrant was to blame.

Theft, robbery, vandalism and drug smuggling have always been part of illegal immigration in Cochise County, but murder is not something the cattle ranchers along the Arizona-Mexico border expected to happen to Robert Krentz.

Police say Krentz, whose family has been ranching in southern Arizona since 1907, was gunned down early Saturday morning by an illegal immigrant while out on his ATV tending to fences and water lines on the family’s 34,000-acre cattle ranch.

Krentz radioed his brother Phil between 10:00 and 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning that he had encountered an illegal immigrant, and was supposed to meet Phil on the ranch at noon, according to sheriff’s deputies. When Krentz didn’t show up, the brother called police, and a search team was soon scouring the sprawling desert 15 miles north of the border, near Douglas, Ariz.

At around 11 p.m., a state police helicopter found Krentz slumped over his ATV, the engine and lights still on. Nearby, his dog lay critically wounded, also hit by a bullet. The dog was put down Sunday morning and will be cremated, its ashes spread on the property along with Krentz’s.

Tracker dogs have now followed the tracks of the killer back into Mexico, some 15 miles south.

John McCain, until recently, was an advocate of amnesty for illegals entering this country and has supported easing the restrictions on illegals for access to health, educational and housing benefits for those who committed a crime coming to this country and who continue to commit crimes by staying here illegally. Now, he’s playing a different tune.

Arizona’s Politicians React

Both Gov. Brewer and Senator McCain came out against the shooting, calling on the federal government to increase security at the border.

Sen. McCain write a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

“The federal government must do all it can within its power to curb this violence and protect its citizens from criminals coming across the border from Mexico,” he said in the letter.

McCain wants to see an increased National Guard presence on the border.

Too little, too late, Senator McCain.

I voted for John McCain in the last Presidential Election. It was a choice between pure evil on the one hand and a RINO on the other. His bringing Sarah Palin before the nation was another reason.

The country is now threatened by the liberals in congress and the White House, enemies overseas and those slipping in across the borders. Michael Ramirez brings this viewpoint.

7 thoughts on “A Murder in Arizona

  1. This one has spun me up bigtime, Mr. Crucis. My first thought is that these guys WANT us involved in their drug war. This is a potential theater that is WAY too close to home for me. The biggest thing for me is that these thugs cross the border back and forth with pretty much impunity. What will it take to build the fence and enforce it? How many American lives have to be lost on THIS political football?

  2. Righ-Wing, It's less a matter of the Mexicans (whatever group) wanting us to be involved, but that our government has ignored the problem for so long, have kowtowed to the bed wetting Democrats, that they (the Illeg……, excuse me, the "unregistered Democrats") have NO fear and KNOW that nothing is going to happen to them.

  3. This is why we need the national guard, perhaps even regular military on the border. It is a war zone, and we are losing citizens to it every day.

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