Obamacare Reactions

The news has been filled with democrats whining how they’ve been threatened and called bad names. My local dem representative claims he was spit on. However, the video disproves that. A brick was thrown through another dem’s office. Now today (Friday) Drudge has a post where a Nashville, TN Obama supporter claims he was a victim of road rage.

In the last couple of days, John Deer and Caterpillar have announced they will suffer $100M and $150M respectively in unexpected charges this year due to Obamacare and the tax penalties it brings. AT&T just announced that it will take a $1Billion dollar charge. I expect my former employer, Sprint/Nextel, will have an equally large charge this year. As more and more companies sift through the legislation, more and more are discovering just how massive the tax and economic impacts will be. The Treasury Department just issued a warning due to the abysmal results in the last bond auction.

And democrats whine that people are calling them names.

I drove around town a bit today just to enjoy the sun and warm weather. There’s a vocal Obama supporter a few blocks away and during the last election, his yard was plastered with Obama and democrat campaign signs. As I drove past today, he was scraping the Obama stickers off his car.

I’m reminded of the famous quote from Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

They rightly should be in fear. They don’t understand, nor, I think, care what they have done to us. The new mantra is “Remember in November.” If the dems try to cheat as usual in this coming election, if they try their usual election fraud, they should be in greater fear than they are now. The patience of the people of this nation is not endless.

Don’t Tread on Us.

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