Tom DeLay Acquitted!

Many of you, especially the under-40 crowd, may not remember Tom DeLay. He was the ‘Pub Majority Whip in the mid-90s while Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House. It was his job to get the ‘Pubs in line whenever a vote or an issue arose. He did his job so well, he was known as the “Hammer.”

In fact, DeLay was so effective that he was specifically targeted by Texas democrats. They charged him with money laundering—in Austin, “the only liberal hotspot in Texas,” not DeLay’s home county—chose a specific prosecutor who was a long-time enemy of DeLay—and cherry picked a liberal jury. As the democrats planned, tom DeLay was found guilty, fined an enormous amount and sentenced to prison for not less than three years.

“Got ‘im!” they thought.

Then their plans unraveled. DeLay appealed and was allowed to go free pending the appeal. The dems dug in their heels and delayed, and delayed, and delayed for nearly a decade. DeLay was in limbo. He could not run for his House seat while convicted, not even while under appeal.

Yesterday, the Texas Appellate Court announced their judgment. Not only was the conviction reversed, Tom DeLay was acquitted! That last, the acquital, was very, very unusual. You see, there was NO crime. Money cannot be laundered unless it was illegally gained. The money DeLay was accused of laundering was campaign donations. There was nothing illegal about the money. Therefore, if the money was legal, there could not be any criminal ‘money laundering.’

The Texas democrats used a law to specifically target a political opponent. The prosecutor in that case is now, herself, under investigation—as she should be. What goes around, comes around.


Will they or won’t they? Defund Obamacare, that is. (Update: the House just passed a CR that does not include funding for Obamacare.) The title of the article below tells the tale. There are ‘some’ GOP who are willing to stick to their guns and keep funds for Obamacare out of the Continuing Resolution and the subsequent debt limitation bills.

Boehner and Cantor in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate are the core of the weak-willed in Congress. Sure, the House can delete Obamacare funding and Harry Reid will stick it back in—as he has already vowed! The bill(s) will go back to the House where the dems expect the spineless GOP to cave and vote to accept the CR with the funding of Obamacare intact.

I’ve discussed this topic on several venues. One FB commentator took offense at the idea of defunding Obamacare. He called it, “an abuse of Congressional power.” I called it an application of checks and balances as designed in the Constitution. He, like all too many of the ignorant, listen to the lies of democrats. He should, instead, heed the intent of the Founders to limit the power of government by balancing power between each branch of government. The Executive branch is not supreme, contrary to the dictates of Obama.

Some in GOP willing to endure government shutdown to defund Obamacare


Congressional Republicans’ willingness to risk a government shutdown to defund Obamacare could squander their single biggest political asset heading into the 2014 elections: the party’s unified opposition to this increasingly unpopular law.

House Republican leaders calmed a brewing intraparty divide this week when they announced support for a budget bill that would keep the government running beyond the Sept. 30 deadline, but eliminate funding for implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The legislation is set for a vote Friday and the overwhelming GOP support it is expected to have should quiet a sharp disagreement over the tactics of defeating Obamacare that has engulfed Republicans for weeks.

But the reprieve is likely temporary. The issue is sure to resurface early next week, when the Democratic Senate takes up the budget bill.

The Senate is expected to strip the Republican bill’s Obamacare provision, replace the money for its implementation and return the legislation to the House, putting back in Republican hands the responsibility for passing a budget bill or allowing the government to shut down on Oct. 1.

Neither House Republicans committed to defunding nor pragmatists worried that a shutdown will backfire politically have figured out what to do when the Senate and President Obama inevitably reject the defunding provision and the government shuts down. One option is an alternative House bill that doesn’t defund Obamacare but would delay its implementation for a year. Republicans bent on defunding, however, have so far showed little enthusiasm for a delay.

“I think we have a united front, not just among conservatives, but among the majority of our conference, to really fight for this thing,” said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., a House leader of the defund movement. “Going back on my word, to allow Obamacare to be implemented, is not something that I can do, nor many in our conference can do.”

Polls continue to show low public support for the new health care law, whose implementation will accelerate on Oct. 1. Among Americans’ worries is that Obamacare would raise insurance rates and reduce access to quality care.

The article continues at the website.

The establishment ‘Pubs, like Lamar Alexander (R-TN) fear a backlash of voters in the next election. I say to them, “Fear a backlash of your core supporters. We can remove you from Congress quicker than any democrat backlash.”