Tuesday’s Thoughts

Tomorrow is the 12th anniversary of 9/11. I expect the MSM will do the usual 30 second spiels and then forget about the occasion…unless it fits some agenda item of theirs.

I’ll be in Jeff City to attend the veto override session tomorrow, so I’ll post this little reminder of 9/11, today.


Obama is facing opposition from all directions, even his own party. He made a fool of himself by drawing a “Red Line” over chemical warfare in the Syrian civil war. Obama blamed Assad, wanting to support his Muzzie buddies. The problem is no one can prove who used Sarin gas on whom? Both sides claim the other did it.

Obama blamed Assad and threatened to attack Syrian government installations. The rebels cheered. Then, more news appeared and the rebels did not appear to be so blameless. The EU, as usual, got cold feet. Five years of Obama’s diplomatic assaults and insults against the UK grew fruit and the Brits said, “Not us!”

One by one, Obama’s expected allies dropped away, soon to be followed by…members of his own party. Locally, Representative Emmanuel Cleaver, who never met a commie he didn’t like, said, publicly, that he would not support Obama. Other democrat pols joined the opposition.

As Reid and Boehner counted noses in Congress, Obama did not have any support to attack Syria. Reid, to save some face for Obama,is delaying a resolution to attack Syria to a vote. Boehner is like to follow. Why would they not vote? Neither wants to embarrass Obama.

Now Vladimir Putin has upstaged Obama with a solution to remove all chemical weapons from Syria. Assad has agreed. The rebels are balking. That speaks volumes on who is likely to have attacked whom—those Obama wanted to support.

Obama can’t lie his way out of this situation.


We have a local issue that is beginning to draw public attention. Last October, the Raymore city council voted to install a Roundabout at the intersection of one of the city’s heaviest points, Lucy Webb and Dean. Both are high-volume streets, especially during rush hours. Before construction started, only Dean Avenue had stop signs, Lucy Web did not.

The reason for the roundabout was supposedly for increase safety and enhance traffic flow. The proposed cost, last October was around $450,000. Since that time, the contractor has raised his price another $100,000. Over half a million in construction costs alone. Cheaper options to add two more stops signs, making the intersection a 4-way stop, costing maybe a $1,000 at most, or to install traffic lights like the intersection a few hundred yards to the east, were discard, if they were discussed at all. In the end, the vote was a tie to kill the project or at least to revisit the cost and scope. Mayor Pete Kerckhoff broke the tie to continue the project and increase the budget to more the $500,000.

Construction started a week or so ago and we’re already seeing the results of the council’s lust to spend. The proposed roundabout, designed purposely to be single-lane, is too small. A truck got stuck this morning trying to navigate through the intersection. I drive a Tahoe. I have difficulty getting around the roundabout traffic lane.

No, the whole project is turning into a gigantic example of governmental misfeasance and incompetency. One council member claims they tested the design by drawing the traffic lanes in a parking lot. They had no problems. Obviously, their testing was faulty.

Half-a-million dollar project and it is too small. I would not be surprised, after real-world use proves the defects of the concept, that the council will want to spend more to “fix” the roundabout’s design. How much will this cost in all? A million? More? There is land to be bought to expand the intersection if that is the solution.

More waste by council members with a lust to spend when a solution could have been in place last year for a thousand dollars or less. You can bet Raymore’s residents will remember this fiasco when the next city elections come around.